Our project. 

Last year, no party could take place due to the covid restrictions. Nevertheless, almost 200 children received per mail a gift card of CHF 50 value to spend on gifts, clothes and a festive meal.

Our goal this year is to offer 250 gifts bags and to receive in exchange 250 childrens' smiles!  In December 2022, Santa and CommunityLinks helpers will distribute gift bags of CHF 60 value each to the 250 children asylum seekers of canton of Zug.

Since 2009, more than 1,700 asylum seekers’ children, from infants to early teens, have been offered a joyful Christmas party with games and activities, food, drinks, and a gift bagfrom Father Christmas. The children also receive a family photo taken during individual family visits with Father Christmas, adding to the excitement of the party. 

In an amazing, collaborative effort, volunteers of all ages make this party for the asylum seekers’ children and their families a possibility.

  • The young preschool to kindergarten aged children at Stepping Stones school prepare decorations and fundraise with craft activities and donated wrapping paper.  
  • The 8th graders at the International School of Zug and Lucerne prepare games to entertain the children during the party.
  • Photographers donate time and resources to capture the event.
  • A volunteer shopping team buys gifts that are wrapped by a wrapping team.
  • And of course, the many volunteers and their families that donate time and endless energy to prepare the party and host it.

We could not offer the party without the support of local businesses. Over the years we have had many businesses get involved through various efforts such as donating food and drinks to organizing fundraising campaigns and facilitating opportunities for staff to volunteer before and during the party. 

Most importantly, each year with the help of the Asyl Amt of Zug social services, we are able to invite and connect with the asylum seekers. Thanks to their incredible time and effort they dedicate to helping us, we are able to organize and offer the party. 

Christmas without gifts is not really Christmas. In addition to the party, we aim to give each child an individualized gift bag with age related gifts, school items, or toiletries with a value of CHF 60.

Please help us to bring a smile to the childrens’ faces and consider a donation of CHF 60 to buy a gift for a child. Thank you for your generosity.

Have a little glimpse into the 2021 December gift distribution event: