Our main project


Who we are.


We are dedicated to bringing the communities together through the involvement of volunteers, local organisations, schools, and businesses to offer a warm and festive Christmas party for the children of asylum seekers and their families. 

We aim to develop the feeling of belonging to the Canton of Zug where people from more than 130 nations live. We are a multinational, multicultural group of volunteers and are not linked to any political or religious entities.


The backgrounds of asylum seekers’ children and their families are very diverse; many have come to Switzerland from countries torn by war to seek asylum from political and cultural persecution, as well as, protection from crime and violence. The Swiss authorities house them and give them small subsistence allowance. Many of them are not allowed to work, so they have no means to generate any additional income. They are also faced with the difficult task of integrating into a new society.

We believe that participating in this party helps to facilitate and support the integration of the asylum seekers into the community and gives them the opportunity to experience a little bit of Christmas spirit in Switzerland. 

We also believe in the value of contributing and giving back to the community. Through our activities, we aim to make a direct and positive impact on society utilizing entirely voluntary efforts. 


  • Respect and empathy
  • Passion, dedication, and integrity
  • Openness and transparency